Employee Supervision Meetings

Supervision has always, apparently, presented a problem for managers and organisations.

Time consuming they are often disregarded and at worst, not part of the management process formally.

Yet, these are a key tool that managers and organisations can use to maintain the status quo, manage absence and attendance as well as performance.

It isn’t a battering ram to instill fear.  It should be a helpful, informative meeting that works both ways.  Gaining and sharing information from each other to improve the team’s performance and the individuals development and impact for the company they work for.

Yet it is ignored and found unnecessary more and more these days.


Is it uncomfortable for managers to manage their staff?

Uncomfortable for people because they think it’s a stick to beat them with? They aren’t working well?

Is there just not enough time to do a job well and spend time reviewing progress and impact?

Managers aren’t managing if they aren’t managing people!

It is an ESSENTIAL tool

Supervision monthly or 6 weekly, even bi monthly if necessary – as is the annual appraisal to review progress, future goals, necessary changes and the potential impact on the company, team and individuals.  On your customers!  It isn’t time wasted – it allows you to monitor your team’s performance and impact, their achievements and problems, find solutions together that work for the business too.

It allows you, as manager, to reinforce their individual goals and remind them of the team’s goals and company objectives they have a part in.  It allows you to ‘bond’ and meld everyone into the team, influence the objectives, the path you take and the outcomes you achieve as one.

Records for future reference, helpful insights for company performance development and possibly your employees future career.