Don’t take stress into 2018!

Leave it behind in 2017- and probably the many years before that!

A new year, a new start!  Learn some new techniques to better manage your stressless year yet still achieve and maintain your productivity levels! Get yourself ready to make the most of this coming year – 365 days of opportunity, countless minutes of thinking and doing, not worrying!

Manage your stress to remain at a positive, motivational level – every day, in any situation

Identify your stressors – the small things that get under your skin, insidiously chipping away at your precious time or your essential self-esteem!

This is the first step.  Without taking this step you cannot change the stress levels because you won’t be taking the right action to change them!

Environmental Stressors

Is the location you work in (travel with road works and traffic jams, or distance daily, or cost that pressures the income you make)?

Is it perhaps, the site you are on?  you left friends and a job you loved to move to a new department or place nearer home, or a new country or town?

Is it the building?  Open plan offices don’t suit everyone with noise, lack of privacy, distractions and irritating co-workers who don’t pull their weight!   These are just some ideas.  It might be ‘sick building syndrome’ for older buildings – lighting, heating or lack of it;  stairs and no lifts; old and cold.  Is it harmful to your health and happiness, or future plans?


IMG_20141029_114030The Tower of London – beefeater or prisoner? Your mind-set and focus creates different emotions!

Generally, environmental stress comes from your physical location but can also be emotional or psychological stress created by your environment – noise, temperature, location, situation, people.


Cognitive Stressors

These include exams or tests, for example, or crowds, meeting others expectations (image, demands etc) and are around your beliefs about yourself and your life – career, home, family, friends, socially etc.

Your status – in prison or free, no boundaries can make you feel all at sea, no-one to trust at work means you feel alone and isolated, crowded buses and roads can create untold and ongoing stress every single day for you!   You feel trapped, uncomfortable or even invaded in crowds, or lonely with only you in the setting, or just you and someone you don’t get on with.

Not fitting in, not fulfilled,  out of your comfort zone are just some ideas of how your thoughts can create stress for you.   Including thinking too much or too deeply, over-analysing things or imaginings that create physical stress in your body!


Emotional Stressors

Self belief (lack of), low self esteem, trying too hard to impress, being someone your not deep down, feeling stuck or trapped, having little hope or no purpose are ideas of what emotional stress is caused by.


Hopeless, lost, discomfort, threatened or depressed are some reasons people can feel negative stress.

Someone mistreating you – bullying at home or work, school or socially, can have a real impact on how stressful or stress-free your life is.  Make changes now, even by leaving!

Remember that there is POSITIVE STRESS too!  

That motivates us, drives us on to better things, to keep trying, to move forward and get things done.


Scales Picture by Vichaya Kiatying-Angsulee