Don’t give up – re-group!

Easier said that done, and as someone asked yesterday and I have done in the past – how do you know if you should give up or just carry on past the pain, the struggle, the problems?

What I decided for me, and shared with others too, is not to look at it as black and white, success or failure, doing or stopping.   Take it as a plateau on the mountain you climb in life – breath, rest, regroup and then carry on.

It might be a job, it might be a relationship, it might be just learning who you are – but mange your life and situation yourself, don’t accept or expect but create what you want.  You have that power!  We all do.   So change your mindset to that.

Time mgt never ends

Take a job for a while and let the business slow down, on or on the shelf, then when you feel strong enough, ready aga

in, you can get it down; or that business project, or that home task you need to do, or that

next discussion, challenge, effort or whatever.  You choose how and when to do it, that meets your needs, that fits your energy levels.

Maybe things really do come to be when the time is right.

Or maybe you make it the right time!  The choice is yours.