CPD: Domestic Violence & Abuse course

My own CPPD

As part of my own continuous personal and professional development, I have recently completed an online course on this topic through Centre of Excellence, who provide CPD course at affordable prices.  Accessible and easy to use, learning at your own pace, and your own way, this course was helpful.

Walking the talk

I don’t just encourage people to continue their personal and professional learning and development as a Personal Development Career Coach -but because I have found the benefits of it.  I realised after my divorce in particular that this is something I personally love to do – keep learning more and more, about anything and everything I can, when I undertook adult learning evening classes to learn about me, find my direction as a single woman and single parent, and get out to meet people.   To learn about me.  What followed was a 13 year, non-stop personal and professional development period from career IT skills development, through interests in Psychology that eventually led me to professional courses – a caree change later in life and a business I never planned to start up!   

Enhanced by the realisation as I went on through life how little I knew about my options, about my Self and my skills, talents and tendencies, not to mention my interests – led me to help others avoid this long-winded wait for fulfilment and help people to find their true calling, their personal power and opportunities they are ready to jump at!

As part of my profession in coaching and counselling, CPD is an expectation for practitioners, and for accreditation a record kept of your ongoing development and knowledge – your efforts to stay ahead of the tools and techniques, the thought-leaders and new models of practice.

Domestic Abuse

This particular is a topic that has arisen in my counselling practice, as well as using coaching techniques like goal setting and action steps, to help women in particular move on from what is a devastating attack on their person and personality.  Men, too, and I have had clients of both sexes struggling with this, and come across it far more often than even some people realise they are a part of!

I have an informal mission to help people see relationships for what they are, escape and manage unhelpful ones with self-awareness, setting boundaries and asserting their own needs (and sometimes, their children’s …).

I have formal and informal experience, empathy to recognise the signs and symptoms with clients, and have learned over time how to help others help themselves to cope with the ongoing stress and damage to self-esteem, and how to manage ways to get out from under the regime of terror and control at times, and rebuild themselves and their lives.


Bullying is a part of this whether at home, at work or at school.  It isn’t part of life!  It isn’t acceptable in any setting, at any time, by anyone to anyone!

It isn’t helpful, effective, nor acceptable and never achieves the aims that abusive relationships ‘want’ to resolve – namely, low self-esteem and lack of self-belief, pain and suffering at the hands of another abuser in the past (wherever that is) and cannot ever be helpful in the workplace, or anywhere else!