DiSC Profiling for Professionals

DiSC is developing in popularity for professional profiling in businesses and I love it!  Having just trained in this as part of my own ongoing CPD, which is something I encourage people to do, as well as maintain your CV (whether or not you use it to apply for jobs or contracts, it reminds you what you’ve achieved to date, what you might want to do and it’s handy to maintain your portfolio of skills and experience).

So DiSC relates to finding out about you!  Who you are, why and the impact of change and developments on your career.  It can be used by businesses to find the right people for the role, to build teams and to manage people in the workplace – change is not often pleasant for most people but always necessary to grow and learn.

I remember my workplace development as a manager, and DiSC would so have helped me better fit in with new managers, understand the influence of my environment on me and my relationships, and how I manage my role.  Finding problems and therefore solutions before the became huge, unmanageable problems!

People are never easy to manage because each is unique, and their own experiences that colour their views and expectations, and therefore their interactions with others.   Bring two or more varying perspectives together and the output will either flow and flourish or derail and die!   That isn’t helpful in your team or your business!

So preparing ahead of time can really help you to flourish!

Based on Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Compliance the profile is useful as a coach to identify current issues and potential problems in the wrong situation – wrong career, wrong business choice or imperfect team – and that’s every team!

Working with your ideal and then outwards to the people, situations and circumstances you are in will help you and your colleagues to work together, develop and manage change and transition more easily!

It could save your job, save your recruitment & selection time and money, and help your business run smoothly day to day, and through change!

For a report, more information, team development and group workshops get in touch for a no obligation chat about your needs and my services.

Workshops could include NLP for sales, improve communication, emotional intelligence and DiSC enhances your tools and techniques to thrive, not just survive at work!