Difficulties don’t last forever…

I know when client’s come to see me, they have difficulties and problems they want or need to resolve to feel happier, find peace and a clear head.Therapy notes

One thing though, is that nothing stays the same – and that includes the problem areas, the difficulties and the good times too.    Change is inevitable, it’s part of life and living.    Ignoring a problem just makes it last longer, I think, and therefore facing up to it – like coming for counselling or coaching – means you can find that peace of mind faster!

Sometimes just talking it through or writing it out highlights the options, the solution or a new idea.   Sharing it halves the anxiety and reduces the problem to more manageable levels  – someone cares, someone wants and can help, and you feel more empowered.

Ask for help, take help when it’s offered, if you choose not to – look at why not.    And if you offer help, make sure it’s help they want and need, not just what you think they need!   I’ve done this, and others have to me.   But if it isn’t helpful to them, even if you think you know best, it’s just another pressure often for them to say ‘no, thanks’ or ‘you don’t understand’.

Helping hand by renjith krishnan