De-cluttering feels great!

Taking the weight of wondering if something is still there, moving it around the house from a safe place to another, moving things around to find things you want or need  … all of this is frustrating and time consuming.


De-cluttering my computer today with 11.5 items cleared me space and time and five bin bags of papers alone!   Things I have kept for years ‘just in case’.  Like my home things I have kept for years that are now gone.    I am not alone either, having talked to people about moving out – and moving on – is about letting things go.  And sometimes that hard to do.  But maybe then keep key things – assignments you created from your time in education, unique items you can’t access again, key things you need to refer back to – but not something you can find on the internet now!

I can literally feel the weight leaving me.   And it is easier to find things, noted things I haven’t referred to for many years, if at all, and clearing out the junk that’s accumulated in my life that I can now let go forever.

It heals your energies, your space and time cleaning, sorting, moving around etc.    It feels easier, and lighter, and really does let energies – in and around you – move more freely.

It feels good!  You could try it, even just for a spring clean if not for a house move.  On a regular basis clear out a cupboard, drawer or whole room to enliven your life!