De-clutter your life – and so your mind

Apparently, I’ve heard that a cluttered environment can lead to depression.   Well, maybe that is due to the ongoing stress that the overwhelm creates within you – the piles of hard work ahead, the WHOLE house or office to clean!

So break it down.  One room at a time – over a month even, and one drawer or cupboard or corner at a time each day!    That’s it.

Goals.  Action steps. Progress milestones.  Achievement. Reward!



Goal:               To declutter the house and make space, even money

Purpose:          To feel less stressed each day

Action steps:

  • Clear one room at a time – make a plan
  • Clear one drawer/cupboard/corner each day of the week
  • Annual review each year diary’d in

Milestones:    One room completed and clear of unnecessary and unwanted items.

Reward:         Money in your bank to buy something you NEED that makes your life easier,        happier, whether a break or toward your holiday or pension


Purge the wardrobe

  •  Old shoes you never wear now, clothes no longer fitting you (unlikely you will do in future or keep three!), underwear.
  • Decide on a colour scheme and stick to those mix n match from now on
  • Sort the tops, skirts/trousers, casual and work – easier to find, less stress!


  • Send the oddments to the second hand shop!
  • Put dishes together for ease of use when cooking, eating, clearing up
  • If it doesn’t work, throw it out now!
  • If it’s no use to you but works, give it away
  • Tidy the table from the dumped stuff

Mail and paper file

Everyone has one – you just toss it to do later

  • Toss the rubbish
  • File the bank records
  • Pay the bills and file for the year (toss the old ones out!


  • Cosmetics empty? Toss the bottles!
  • Make up unused throw it or give it
  • Sort the leftovers to use next and then it’s tidier
  • Wipe over everything you keep and you feel better using it next time too

Bags & Purses

  • Empty your bag weekly and sort out the old tissues, the coins at the bottom and the key you lost last month!
  • Sort your pockets with all you need regularly easy to access.
  • Use zip or extra pockets for the just in case bits you carry!
  • Put small value coins in a jar for a treat!
  • Sort your money and check weekly what you have and need

Desk at home or work

  • To do pile to your left
  • To do list to your right to tick off as you do it!
  • Sort related items and FILE THEM
  • Use plastic wallets to hold papers together, or staple them for permanence
  • Update files – toss out old papers (remembering legal needs for finance and staff records!)


  • Delete from your Netflix list so you can see what you haven’t watched!
  • Sort the CD or even video collection!
  • Make a list to access easily of those you want to watch – add two a night!

Hobby equipment

  • Make a place for it
  • Sort into boxes and label if necessary
  • Put away but keep it handy to use when you can!

Your goals and plans for the year

  • A book for notes – goals and dreams
  • Action steps daily and weekly
  • Progress check monthly
  • Support network to help you
  • Resources to build v those you have
  • Update you CV even if you’re not looking right now!
  • Do a SWOT analysis of YOURSELF – strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats to happiness
  • New boundaries you need to put in place to protect your time and energy, self belief
  • Learn to say no more often to other people’s monkeys
  • Limit time with toxic people – or lose them from you life if you can!