Creating / Updating Your Self: Image & Personal Branding

Coaching can help you with all sorts of things to live the life you want to live!

Personal Branding is one, and incorporates creating a new or updated image for yourself.

Your image matters!  It becomes your brand even if you’re not a business owner.  We are all ‘in business’ as employees or self-employed, managers or leaders, so our image should present our best selves!

Does yours?  If not, why not?  That isn’t a criticism or a demand but a thought-providing question as to why have you got where you are with it if it’s now who you want to portray?

You can change it once you know and know what you do want to show, be and live!

With clients, I do some work often around self image, projected image and ideal image.  We should all maintain our ideal image (as long as that is who we genuinely are and want to become of course).

If it’s not then what can you do?

Practically, see this suggestion from Susan Styles You, a business woman I met several years ago networking and who’s newsletter I get and follow on social media for just such ideas!   It doesn’t always work for me, but this did – these older women look great, found their self and still love creating their image!

Men and women alike have an image.  You can change yours.  Clothes don’t make the person but they certainly can help!  Ask most women who love shoes and it’s because the right ‘heels’ make you feel fantastic!

I have such a pair, simple, black but I love the style and when I look down or in a mirror I love what I see – the shape, how they create my posture, how I feel in high heels (stillettos if you will!) and for business this is important for me!  I do slip some days into ‘comfort’ mode but try to ensure my shoes remain stylish and key to my outfit.   I have even bought some funky shoes recently and love them!  They match my new style, I wanted them when I saw them and they are practical too being flat and cosy! 

And red shoes – what message do they send? (But remember the message you send is not always the one that’s received! **)

If you find a mentor, this type of stylist can help or someone who’s fashion sense and style you like.   My daughter is due to start a new job soon and is planning her outfits and work style – including heels – rather than the uniform she has had to wear for a while!  She is so excited about it and I get why!   She will feel great, look good and be professional – be perceived as professional, with attention to detail and an easy style to her that she has.

Develop yourself practically too!   Not just the inside but the outside as well!

  • It could be fashion – find your style;
  • Maybe your voice – accent, tone, pitch etc
  • Confidence in you starts with being authentic – and that can change over time!
  • Your attitude – keen, positive, willing, able and not lazy, half-hearted or ‘comfortable’
  • Your demeanour – calm and collected, creative and chaotic, or angry and stressed?
  • Self-esteem – if it’s been shattered or damaged, built it up again, build it now and stronger this time round!

Image matters.  Your brand matters.  Tesco, Aldi or Waitrose have their own ‘image’ and branding that people recognise and choose;  clothing ranges or business service providers and their staff!


Make yours count, make it yours, make it you! 

Authentic is what it’s all about – and ‘finding yourself’ …

Hair style, self-care, posture, personal grooming all count towards your image as do attitude, behaviours and beliefs and values that inform your choices …




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