Creating a Coaching Culture in your Life

Why is coaching different to counselling and other support services?

Counselling looks back at the past to help you identify where things went wrong to cause todays anxieties and barriers so you can make changes going forward

Mentoring is showing someone in the present moment what you did and how, offering tips and tools they use(d) to make the necessary changes and help you achieve a similar goal – sharing expertise

Coaching looks forward from where you are now and how you can change thing going forward, clarifying the steps needed and the motivation to go ahead and develop new ways of being but from your perspective and situation – developing who and what you want to be in future



  • Encourages you with clear steps forward that seem and are manageable and realistic for you
  • Provides motivation from within rather than solely from without – like work does for you
  • Develops your strengths and skills and builds on them more than struggling through
  • It helps you find tools and techniques that will help you manage your areas for development
  • Helps you build resources that might be missing that you need to move forward, once identified
  • It provides an ear to the needs you identify, the goals you want, the dreams you have
  • It offers you insights and outlooks – new perspectives and ideas that otherwise wouldn’t happen
  • It enhances your self-awareness and personal power so you can make the changes to benefit you
  • It stimulates action not just words and plans – with the right mind-set and a clear path forward


You can do it, but often, it helps to sometimes have a founding board and reflection as to

‘is it the right step or right time?’

‘what’s next logically and practically?’

‘When will I realistically have that done by?’


And a little challenge too if something isn’t realistic or challenging enough!

A little push – or a carrot – but never a stick!

It’s all about choice and that makes it more enticing and appealing, more encouraging and exciting when it’s your dream and your steps towards it!


Daily plans – Weekly actions – Monthly achievement monitoring

Annual celebrations of how far you’ve come  – because you will never not have achieved something!


Once your mind is on track it can only move towards it!

You have programmed it to work steadily towards your goal, your dream!

It has no option – unconsciously working 24/7 – – it will find what you need most from defence to growth and achievement!

Your conscious mind – recalls the list of steps and takes its daily motivation to achieve today’s action



Practical Coaching Insights

How does it change your life?

  1. Mind set – focus on the goal and, like a computer, produces what was programmed
  2. Naturally, humans strive to learn, grow and develop – find the next step to do so
  3. Engaging your mind, feelings and behaviour it holistically makes change easy for you
  4. Your outlook changes as you feel more powerful in making positive changes for yourself
  5. You have purpose, direction and therefore motivation
  6. You can find what you need when you know what you’re looking for
  7. You use your natural talents and tendencies more effectively when there is scope to do so
  8. You recognise more about yourself, even find new strengths you hadn’t noticed before
  9. You see the square holes that your rounded self can no longer fit into, as you change and grow
  10. You develop neuron pathways as you learn and build resilience with each mistake – and learn!

Coaching is available professionally

  • Through work or
  • Personally in the market place
  • Between 8 am and 9 pm professionally
  • It can be at work, at home or in a consultation room
  • You can bring whatever you have on your mind to the sessions
  • You have records to maintain your progress and monitor you progress
  • You can add or change steps and timescales when you need to – being realistic and focussed
  • The change may seem sudden but will be gradual – literally, minute by minute, hour by hour
  • Learning will change your outlook and your growth will change your needs
  • You will be given exercise and assignments to complete, for your own insight and learning
  • You will gain support and encouragement, help to identify what you need, reflection on progress


Why would you need and benefit from coaching?

  • Change and transition – imposed or chosen, change is unsettling and uncomfortable for a while
  • Change is good!   Moving forward, growing and learning, changing who and what you are
  • Uncertainty and confusion in your life – relationships, jobs, status, belonging, outlook and more
  • Wanting something you don’t yet have but believe you could have with changes in your life
  • Because you want and need to keep changing, keep growing and developing
  • To increase your options and opportunities when you know yourself better
  • To be more effective and influential to meet your needs and help others
  • For control and personal power to live a life you love, and freedom to be and to have