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Changing minds, Changing lives


"When butterfly comes into your life, look for colour and joy.  Look to make changes when opportunities present themselves. Transformation is inevitable.  Butterfly will teach you that growth and change do not have to be traumatic" Ted Andrews, Animal Speak


Live your life on purpose, with purpose!

Flexible services to meet your particular needs – support and clarity for personal development that positively affects you, personally and professionally!

Knowledge is power so when you know what you have and need – know how to use it and you can develop appropriate tools and techniques you will find invaluable to increase your self-belief, confidence and influence!


Personal Development & Professional Development

Counselling, Coaching & NLP to Empower you and develop your Self-Awareness and Mind-Management

Enhancing your understanding of your Relationships – Communication skills – Emotional Intelligence

Resolve issues holding you back from exploring and achieving your potential – at work or home-life

Employee career management or Self-Employed running your own business – be your ‘best self’ at home or work

Individual Coaching  From £50 per 90 minute session face to face
Telephone Support*   From £25 per 60 minute planned session call
Crisis Support (tel) From £15 per call (new people)
Email support*	     From £15 per message/reply
Skype Sessions       From £35 per call (1 hour) counselling/£50 coaching
Packages on request including face to face, telephone & e-mail support weekly or monthly


Online Coaching Resources

Tools, tips and techniques – insights into yourself and how you work uniquely to create your own best environemnt to thrive not just survive.   Resources like articles, videos, exercises and assignments to help you develop your life and opportunities affordably and conveniently.  Sign up free in 2018 for regular updates, with membership options covering Personal Development/Self-Awareness – Career Management – Business Management


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Membership options From free newsletter/site access to £15.00 per month per Section (PD, Career, Business)
Additional options include Telephone and E-mail support



Sales Acquisition Mastermind Group Six weekly meetings with support from two coaches, sharing insights, tips and tools for your business development (6-8pm Thursdays Central Manchester.

GROW your Self-Confidence Speak up & be heard in meetings, presentations, public speaking (public workshops and bespoke packages)



Video Introductions to Services 
Julie at Clear Mind Life Coaching & Counselling

Removing Barriers, Building Dreams

Resolving Problems, Building Teams