Considering 2017? Reviewing 2016!

Here are a few templates you can use to

(a) Review 2016 and what you did and how it improved your life, career and business

(b) Consider what you want from 2017 – in life, career and business

2016-2017-planner      2016-2017-business-planner       2016-2017-career-planner

person-tick-getting-it-right-david-costillo-dominici              TIme for reflection Stuart Miles                     Self employed v employee

Will you live your dream or start real plans to?

Will you be changing career direction or a new company? Even retirement perhaps?

Or will you keep going along the lines you’ve planned and create the life you want to live which may be:

  • Retirement – Changing jobs – Moving Company – Promotion where you are now
  • Moving home – New area – Different country – Revamping your home
  • Making new friends – Renewing old friendships – Different social activities and groups
  • Changing family dynamics – Marriage or Divorce – additions or losses – Relationship management
  • Financial improvements – Increase your income – Investing or even Risking
  • Adding  products/services in business – New staff – Networking – Time Management
  • Eating healthily – Losing weight – Increasing muscle – Improving Fitness and Energy levels
  • Personal Growth & Development – Learning new skills – Increasing knowledge – Training
  • Assertiveness – Confidence – Self-esteem – Self awareness as your key to ‘personal power’
  • Improving your Psychological and Emotional well-being – Emotional Intelligence – Communication