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Relationships & Communication

You have relationships in all areas of your life, for different reasons.

Some chosen, others imposed, maybe some just tolerated.

At home or work, your relationships matter, not only to you for happiness, belonging, security but also for influence and progression, learning and development – especially at work, in your career, your business, your professional life but we continue to learn life skills, etiquette and values from everyone around us at home too.



  • Family and Partners, siblings and parents
  • Friends and Social Groups
  • Colleagues and Customers
  • Teams and Management
  • Influence and Understanding
  • Communication skills to send and receive the right messages!



  • What do we mean by skills?
  • Communication comes naturally, doesn’t it?
  • Maybe but we are mostly unaware of what we do ‘communicate’ with others daily, hourly or in the moment!
  • More knowledge & deeper understanding means more (personal) power and influence you will have in your life/over your environment
  • Ensure the message you intend to send is the one that is received!
  • Avoid misunderstandings and confusion
  • Understand how your mind-set affects your feelings and behaviours, the things you say and how you say them!
  • Body language – ‘actions speak louder than words’ is so true!
  • Your voice – tone & pitch,  your words, language, grammar and syntax to name a few problems or attractions!


Removing Barriers, Building Dreams

Resolving Problems, Building Teams

The Benefits of Self-awareness

To understand yourself means more empowerment and options, greater tolerance and awareness of others needs and views, and improves relationships, allowing you to better manage your feelings around them too.

  • Communication to influence those we meet is a big part of that – to meet our needs, to love and care for us
  • To belong, be part of the tribe – family, team, group, partnership
  • Utilising Self-Awareness to create your most favourable environment
  • Understanding and living your personal Values and Beliefs
  • Meeting your needs and realising your expectations

Personal Development to live life on purpose, with purpose

  • Emotional Intelligence – awareness of your feelings and reasons
  • Conflict Resolution & Managing Circumstances
  • Mind-set management tips and tools
  • Building Confidence & Assertiveness where required
  • Social Networking know-how – for home and work


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