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“Julie has helped me manage my feelings of stress/anxiety which is exactly what I wanted and helped me maintain my day to day duties.  Julie is very easy to talk to and has been extremely helpful. I have been able to better manage feelings of stress & anxiety by understanding my trigger points and how to reduce the effects, able to calm myself down If attacks arise.” KP November 2018

“I feel really clear that the main reason for the coaching now has been more than completed around skills, CV review and pitching and that for now I’ve achieved everything I needed to with this current run of sessions. Basically, I feel a million times better, and have now done the main thing – which is knowing and recognising my skills, having a relevant professional profile/CV AND getting out there in Manchester.  I have achieved all of these.  Thank you so much for your help in getting there Julie” ED November 2018

“I have struggled for a while, but these current changes have really knocked my confidence in myself, and I feel a little uncertain how to move it forward.  When I saw you website I just thought “wow!” (just what I need)” AA September 2018

“Yes, I think I’m OK now, I have clear idea of how to get my mind back on track and not let things run away with me too much.   I am making changes but it is uncomfortable, thanks for helping me again with my hopes and plans”  PT July 2018

“I got the job I wanted at last!  Thanks for your help and encouragement.  Coaching really helped – I’ve got a good salary for a graduate, a new place to build my life and I’m excited to get started!  It would help to have support on call when I do start for a couple of months too” HP April 2018 (ongoing coaching in new role from July 2018)

“..thanks I appreciate you investing in (daughter)  she is a wonderful person just lacks some belief maybe.  Coaching and mentoring and other can transform peoples lives” MP  March 2018

“I’m not sure I’d have been as forthright with … without your support so in this really difficult time I wanted to show you the good that’s also emerging and thank you for your part in helping to bring it about” S 2017

“Positivity, and helped me to become a stronger person.  It has helped me to prioritise my needs overs others.  Valuable tools gained to tackle challenges in life.   Very good service, and easy to follow.  Counselling and life coaching has helped enormously for me to think/problem solve issues “thinking outside the box”.  It has helped me to juggle commitments and prioritise things by taking into account the things I do instead of what others want me to do!  Very good way of self-reflection”.  Lorraine 2017

“Thank you so much for helping me find my way back over the last few months.  It really has changed my life” Phil 2015

“Thank you for all your help and support during my time in counselling.  I had no idea what to expect and was very nervous, but you soon put me at ease.   You made me feel very comfortable and this allowed me to voice all the worries and stress that I had bottled up for a long time.  Thank you again for everything!”  Esther 2016

“I want to say a huge thanks. Since I started to talk to you, my life has turned 1000% better (yes it’s not a typo!!!). I came to see you because I was contemplating giving up a career that I had worked tirelessly in for 7 years and been studying towards for 15.  The continual pressure of extra qualifications (with failed attempts and re-sits) to keep up with the industry, coupled with being a professional business woman in a man’s world meant the competitive nature of the business often left me low on self esteem and I wanted OUT.   12 months later, fully qualified, set up at home, a new business partner and flying!  Kath, Finance Professional (December 2014)



“Hi Julie, Since visiting you in the new year I’ve changed my job, lost a stone in weight, cut out dross people in my life, changed my  number so (problematic people) can’t contact me.  Feel so much better!  Still get down but I pick myself up and take myself out for a walk. Just want to say a huge thank you!” Text from Ava (name changed) May 2014

“I found the Fly Your Own Flag workshop really useful – The different exercises really made me think about my abilities and skills in a different way, and I definitely feel more confident about putting together an impressive CV, which will showcase my skills and abilities/talents, as well as act as a starter for talking points. I’d thoroughly recommend the workshop to anyone else in my situation”  Returning to work after maternity -Kate, February 2013

“Just a note of thanks for your wonderful input last night to our YENO! Meeting. It was very well received. So many thanks. So hopefully we will be asking you back in the New Year!” Networking & branding Tips Workshop November 2013, with Nique Media Graham Kendrick, OBLG

“I know I can achieve what I need and want to with the tools I’ve learned in our coaching sessions”  MH (2012)

You are definitely an inspiration and I hope to keep in touch with you and if I can promote you in any way I can I will. Leah, Aksa 2012



“I know just where I am going now, thanks to coaching. I’m managing my goals and able to stick to my plans, with steady progress to where I want to go” Jane (2013)

I can’t believe how much better I feel – taking control of my life again, finding myself again – joining the gym, able to accept myself and not take on other people criticising me.  I am happy again!   KD (2012)

“Hello Julie, Just letting you know I’m working full time now in Failsworth for ….  It’s only temp until Christmas, but things look good. Thank you for your help with my CV. Kind regards  Andrew”  (2012 Saddleworth & Lees Job Club)

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