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Changing minds, Changing lives

Removing Barriers, Building Dreams

                      Resolving Problems, Building Teams


Personal Development Career Coaching & NLP Techniques

Focus on success – whatever that might mean for you.  Find purpose, direction, motivation and inspiration to make things happen and move forward in your life. Including NLP mind-management and self-awareness for personal power.   Including  *Personal Branding & Marketing Coaching for SMEs    Ask for your mini Reiki treat(ment) at the start of your session too – just 10 short minutes to relax and open your consciousness even more and AIM High! workshop below as an alternative or additional resource or ‘digital coaching’ options.  £50-75 per session




Personal Counselling Support

Emotional support and insight to help you identify issues, reduce anxiety and manage stress so you can find a way forward and feel happier & healthier.  *Advocacy Support for those undergoing formal workplace procedures that have shaken you to your core!   Ask for your mini Reiki treat(ment) at the start of your session too – just 10 short minutes to relax and open your consciousness even more)  From £40 per session




Relationship Coaching/Couples Counselling

Couples counselling or relationship coaching can help you recognise changes and barriers that have developed so you can create solutions that resolve your problems From £40 per session



Workshops & Events


“AIM High” Motivation Event

Taking your Aspirations, adding some Inspiration, plus greater Motivation to live your dream life

Live a life you love to live with confidence and influence, with clear goals and achievable action plans.




GROW your Confidence Workshop

Confidence is essential for a happy, healthy life. Be able to influence your environment  & relationships.

Meet your needs – build helpful, effective relationships in this 2 hour public workshop, E book or Email course coming soon (see below)*

Bespoke packages for your company and team, for individuals too (see below)





Workshops & Events Packages for Employee Assistance

From Stress to Success events – free demo event with tips and tasters from holistic therapists, coaches, counsellors and more OR full chargeable event for your company – presentation on stress awareness followed by ‘tips & mini sessions for team health and well-being for health awareness, away days, building resilience in your workforce.

Call on 07765813827 for more information and event planning to suit your needs or e-mail julie@clearmindco.co.uk or contact form here



Crisis Telephone Support – Employee Assistance & Support

Counselling/Coaching/Crisis Support: £20 per call up to an hour –  contact us to sign up.  Share the Care means twice as much for half the cost! Have a look at the ‘digital coaching’ options for distance support and development opportunities or workshops, even bespoke for your needs

Plus Clear Mind-Management Online Resource membership for your team too (see below) & Stress for Success events



“I Can” Card Pack

Motivational daily card inspiration for you – reminding you of your worth, value and personal power to make a life you love to live every day!





Online Coaching Resources


Articles for information

Clear Mind-Management Online    Life skills, Insights, Tips, Tools and Exercises for Personal & Professional Development. Monthly newsletter on registration.  Resources access for members – affordable, accessible Membership Options. Package Options.  From £5 a month. Sign up on the site



Online Courses

GROW your Confidence (Udemy)  Set Goals and Realistic action steps to find Opportunities you are Willing yourself to take today!

From Stress to Success – steps from anxiety to maintain optimum positive stress that motivates and drives you to success!

“Relationships & Communication” – understand how you can be more effective with language, method and purpose personally & professionally*



E-mail courses *Coming soon

From Stress to Success tips and insight to help you better understand and manage your stressors for a better personal future

AIM High! Self-Coaching questions to help you clarify your goals and take the necessary steps to achieve them – reach for the moon & land amongst the stars!

Develop your Personal Power through greater self-awareness!

“Manage your Business Better” – planning, process and performance improvement with helpful insights, tips and tools you can use in daily development*



E-books for download

“The Benefits of Self-awareness” – greater impact, influence and improved performance when you know your needs and how to meet them (order here)

“From Stress to Success” tips and insights to help you better understand and therefore manage your stress and stressors – for a better personal future!*

“AIM High!” Taking your Aspirations, providing some Inspiration and finding your Motivation to achieve your career goals – achieve your dreams!*

“Business Management Tips & Techniques” to improve performance and efficiency (for employed or self-employed professionals)*



Live your life on purpose, with purpose



"When butterfly comes into your life, look for colour and joy.  Look to make changes when opportunities present themselves. Transformation is inevitable.  Butterfly will teach you that growth and change do not have to be traumatic" Ted Andrews, Animal Speak

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