Coaching is about Lifestyle Choices

Clear Mind Personal Development Coaching

Following on from my “managing your mental health” post, I will now take you into coaching, which is my main focus.

NLP has since been a development in the direction of my ‘ mind management’ business, offering me greater understanding and more tools and techniques to help others (and myself) make positive lifestyle changes that will enhance my life and my options – my happiness and satisfaction levels!

So changing your mind is not about mental health but a lifestyle choice.   Moving onwards and upwards, removing barriers, building dreams – resolving problems and finding new resources, new ways to do something and developing ‘a new you’!   But it isn’t really a new you is it?  It’s the same you but with more – more knowledge, more choices, more freedom and influence!

It’s a development of you – and people, human beings, are driven to do just that naturally!  this is Nature versus Nurture too – we are driven but our background, experiences and observations can lead us to limit the belief that we have options other than what we currently know, what we can see (in front of us and around us, on the news and in books or magazines, from stories we hear from others we meet …)

Research.  Explore.  Try new things, go new places, be different each day or even each hour of each day and ‘try on’ the new you that you want to become!

I have long known but not realised that this is exactly what I offer clients who come for coaching.  And that is the effect is has for them.  It changes them, their mind, their life!

How?  And why?


Well, your mind controls your body, that is a well-known fact – your breathing, heartbeat, blood flow etc.  Cut off the connection of mind and body through accident or design, and it all stops. Patients in coma are put on ‘life support machines’ to keep their key functions working when the brain can no longer do it for some reason.

So why then would it not ‘manage’ all the other functions of the human body, our animal selves like all other living creatures?

Although plants don’t have a ‘mind’ they have a central nervous system that regulates their intake of nutrients and expelling unwanted chemicals; from Biology O level – MIRAGE has stayed with me – Movement, Irritability, Reproduction, Assimilation, Growth and Excretion as ‘the seven characteristics of living things’.

Our brains separate us from plants and organisms and that is the computer analogy most common – programming by what is put in, to what comes out.  And it’s true.

Input – experiences through our senses, interpretation from past experience and learning, our processing to store and select what we need (and want!) to survive and thrive.


Output – behaviours, actions, words and messages from our beliefs and expectations, sharing our needs in order to get them met and fulfilled.


neuro  – nervous system sending messages from brain to bodily function

linguistic – the messages sent and received by the brain that influences the outcomes

programming – what you put in creates what comes out at the end of the processing!

So when you are born into poverty, abuse or pain that is all you know for the first few years of your life; if you are born into wealth, comfort and luxury, that is all you know;

And what you come to expect as you grow up.   You see the older children, teens and adults around you and how they behave, hear how they believe, and empathise with them from your own experiences.   You identify with them and believe that is ‘how my life is and will be’.

But sometimes, you are exposed somehow to something different – through reading or hearing stories (experiences of someone else shared in words and sometimes pictures, or a new experience outside your usual daily routine, our previous experience…

This changes your mind and therefore your life.   You are no longer accepting of your current circumstances and realise that it isn’t like that for everyone, just you and yours.

This lack of acceptance might be demonstrated through anger and resentment, rebellion internally and mentally but no act-ually (“Why me, why us?”), giving up and no longer trying to ‘better’ your circumstances (choosing benefits rather than working for income, lying in bed in pain rather than finding a cure or relief at least, or staying in depression that resulted from the fear, resentment and confusion of current circumstances you feel stuck in!

Or it could be demonstrated through choosing to explore your options and making the changes that draw you nearer to the choice you’ve made to get out and live differently!

This is the choice of Personal Development, of exploring your potential so you can have the option of achieving your potential p always pushing further, trying more, doing more with less or less with more!

The choice is yours.   It is ours, as a member of society and of society itself as a body of people – the culture is set by those ‘in authority’ and we choose to follow, or choose to rebel – singly for ourselves and our loved ones, or together in a group or in changing society!  (Sufragettes, feminism, political parties and policies, education establishments we study in or send children too, the place we choose to live and the environment we create around us from parks and fields, to cities and transport systems).

So again, the choice is yours.  Ours.  Theirs.

We can choose how we live, where we live, what we do and don’t do.   Yes, it might not be an easy option, or realistic initially but we can still strive to make the changes necessary to improve our situation, our mind-set, and to move positively and proactively towards something better – health, wealth and behaviours.

Make effective choices, informed decisions and find options that will take you where you want to go.

To live your dreams …