Feel like giving up or letting go?

Feeling low?  Feeling like you’re not good enough?  You are! 

You sometimes get these down days – sometimes more than average and sometimes find it more difficult than others.

But you are sensitive and you are struggling a little but you are worthwhile and you are important in this world.

You have to ask “Good enough for whom or what?”

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Is that your needs or someone else’s?  If you are not meeting their needs, you won’t be ‘good enough’ because they are measuring against their needs and not your abilities.

Their end game might not actually be your focus, but your own.  If you don’t know it for real, how can you expect to hit it for them?

If you know yours, are you reaching that goal or taking and achieving the steps you set yourself?

If not, maybe it’s time to re-evaluate where you are and where you’re going.   And why/not.

Coaching helps with that but it’s not a fix all.

  • It can help you resolve those issues and remove the barriers to progress
  • The discussion and planning help you to explore your goals and resources
  • The supportive aspect helps you to create the steps to achieve the goal
  •   It helps you define those goals
  •   It definitely helps you focus on your goals
  • It can encourage you to face obstacles and barriers head on
  • ü  It can help you to see other perspectives than yours or your usual one
  • Coaching helps you to see your vision and to clarify it to practice each day!
  • Coaching is a step by step process, getting you steadily to where you want to be
  • It clarifies if that is REALLY where you want to be!  Right here, right now.
  • Coaching can help you to recognise, acknowledge and celebrate your achievements.
  • Coaching makes a positive difference in your life!

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Encouragement is necessary; support is necessary; motivation and inspiration are required to keep going in the direction until you reach your goal.  Then you can start on the next one!

Letting go of a dream or a goals is not the same as giving up.   But is it?  If someone else is involved in your goal – marriage, friendship, employer etc – and their goal is not yours, then you may have to let go.

If, however, your dream/goal is only yours – then you can carry on until you reach it.  Whatever it takes, whatever you have to do to get there.  And it will take hard work and some hard knocks too!

But if you really want it, you will find a way!   If not, you will find an excuse … as the saying goes.

Many a dream has meant loss, uncertainty, fear and even danger.  But the achievers didn’t waver too much in the face of these things, they marched through them and on to achieve what they set out to do.

Is that you?

Let’s see …

One day –

One week –

One month –

One year –

Two years –

Five years –

Twenty years –