Choose your Thoughts

How do you choose those thoughts that just pop into your head unwanted and unasked for?

Well, you can!   They do indeed just pop in from who knows where?

(Your unconscious – something triggered the idea and your mind/brain went to find it and bring it up again! Just doing it’s job…)

But you – we – have choice!  We are powerful that way and we can decide what we will and will not accept in our life – and that goes for our thoughts too!  Have you ever thought about that?

Think now!  The thought was planted there by reading this and you can choose to stop, repeat the question in your head, consider it and mull it over, ask again and then respond!

So, do you agree or not?

But what if …

you had chosen NOT to think about it …

“Maybe I can do this later as it sounds interesting to do”

“I have no time now to think to consider that with everything else to think about”

“I will look at this later and finish off at lunch time”

Just let it go for now …

There!  You can do it then!   You have CHOSEN not to think about it NOW, but later or not at all and just dismissed the idea!  You do it all the time – school run no time but getting there and to work; stressed with worries and anxieties – no room for considering vague concepts! – trained to believe a certain way so I can’t/won’t consider other ideas …

The list goes on.  The choices go on.  Every day, every hour and even every minute!  I can/can’t, will/won’t, have/haven’t. should/shouldn’t – and then we act or not on that thought and idea!

Choose your thoughts.  Let the negative ones pass on by, through your head and out!  Hold the positive thoughts a little longer and consider them, savour them and repeat them!

Train your brain to choose the thoughts it holds and lets go of; like everything else, behaviours are learned from observation, focus in training and learning, and from choices we make – and then it becomes a new habit, our norm, our ‘way of doing’ or ‘way of being’.  We are choosing to learn a new way of being and believing when we undertake training and education on a specific topic – that was a thought, an idea, that we chose to carry through and take further into action!

So you can do it.  You can choose the thoughts to keep and those to dismiss and let go of.

Start here and now, today, and keep practising!