Am I losing my mind?!

“You’re mental!”

Gossiping teens AmbroThe stigma, the fear, the image, the label

This is one that holds some clients back.  Because they heard it in the past before it was politically incorrect, or because someone now says it to them and means they have problems that make them do crazy things.

That’s OK.  We can do crazy and still be OK.  Even great!  I love crazy!

For me the crazy is a choice – it is the response to frustrations, to feeling constrained and limited, imprisoned or tied down.  Crazy is an escape, a challenge, a rebellion.  So I like it!

And I tell my clients that too should they question themselves.

It means they are alive – and kicking!  Kicking back at people who want to restrain them, stop them being themselves, stop them finding themselves maybe.

So go for it!  Do crazy.  Make the choice and do it!

DevoThis is DEVO from the 70s/80s (short to De-Evolution!) with flower pots on their heads.  Unconventional, a message to send, rebellion.  And the were one of my favourite groups then too!

You may well need an answer, and some understanding.  A solution to your problem, or a way around your obstacle or prison.  But it can be done!

Hence I don’t like the phrase ‘mental health’ (see previous post)

If I ask people what it means to them if they are labelled this and they might wonder themselves or even begin to believe it – more often than not they don’t really know, or say ‘losing my mind’.

Well, we can’t actually lose our mind – we can a limb or a piece of us, but not our mind.  That’s our power house, our controller and monitor.   We need it to survive!

However, that said, we might temporarily miss our way in our mind – maybe that’s what ‘losing our mind’ means – losing your way in your mind, the right path to take, the choices to make.

Well then, mentally we’re OK then!  Nothing lost, nothing gained!   We can only regain our minds path when we get lost by being more conscious and aware of what we want, don’t want and where we are going.  Then we know what we need to do to get there!  We need to just ‘get back on track’!

Confusion is part of life.  It is a process of learning, defining, identifying and making decisions or choices.  It’s step 2 or 3 in the process.

Step 1: Discomfort – something isn’t right, life isn’t working for me, how it needs to be/how I expected it to be (note there is a difference here!)

Your lifeStep 2: Confusion – what do I want/need/expect then?  This includes fear, uncertainty which is never comfortable for any of us!


Step 3: Options – what can I do about it?  How can I feel better, change direction?  This is about choices – easy or hard, good or bad, options are always there for us (whether or not the ones we want is a different matter!)

Step 4: Choices Another uncomfortable feeling for us!  Rarely does the answer just appear (even if sometimes it might seem that way, it isn’t!)  Our mind looks at options based on what we know to date – and that depends on experiences, perceptions, filters like expectations, attitudes, culture, social norms and so much more!

 Step 5: Get help! Ask someone for help, guidance, advice and support.  Family, friends, colleagues, professionals, strangers, books, magazines, people, animals even!    We look around for more information and use whatever we find.  (So take care to look around a lot!)

Step 6: Decisions Making the right choice – an informed decision making process (again) with new learning, practice maybe and advice from various quarters.  Now we can choose the options and decide which one we will go with!  Easy see!

Not!  It’s not that easy, is it?!

But there you go… sometimes, psychological well-being is just about not knowing for certain what to do, what they options are and what you can bring to it.  Your strengths, ideas, courage, fear, vulnerability, resilience, humour, confidence, etc.

Maybe that should be ‘always’ and not ‘sometimes’…?

It’s OK to lose your way.   You might find a better way!

It’s OK to be uncertain – that’s what we learn.

It’s OK to be wrong or make mistakes – that’s how we learn for next time, to do it better then!

Do crazy!  Do different!  Do be different to your normal self if you need to break out –  be angry, be happy, dance and sing, twist and shout but try to do it within bounds of safety for you and others, and those social norms that keep us all herded together (within reason!  Nothing is as good as a good rebellion now and then!)