Change your Mind, Change your Life

Your mind is all powerful.  It manages your whole self all day, every day without even thinking about it!   Consciously at least!

You can really be and do whatever you want – but, the key here, is you have to REALLY want it!

To have the passion, drive, focus and resources to make it happen.

You can build resources like money and networks, manage your time well and recognise/utilise your natural talents and tendencies to make the most of them.

You can find tools and techniques to fill the gaps in your talents and tendencies, learn new skills, consistently learn more about what you need to know and the options you might have available to you.

You can create opportunities when you know what they might be in order to achieve your goal – your dream!


Step 1: Know yourself

Step 2: Know your goal/your dream/your hopes

Step 3: Be prepared to achieve them

Step 4: Find your passion and motivation

Step 5: Take baby steps – one each day at least – toward that dream

Step 6: Build your networks at every opportunity

Step 7: Build your resources, monitoring and recording things that ‘might’ come in handy later

Step 8: Build your knowledge and skills as you work towards your dream.  You don’t always know what you need right now for the future so be open to new opportunities and later, see how you could utilise that

Step 9: Get help and encouragement along the way.  Unlikely that one person will do it all, be it all and stay for the whole journey.  But be ready when they are there and when they have to move on – be ready with the next supporter

Step10: Keep building your self-knowledge, monitor your changing needs, manage your ideas and your dream step by manageable step to a future you love!