Why the Cause on the effect?

Personal power

Coaching helps you to focus on your goal once identified through the assessment discussion, and to create the cause for the desired effect

The Law of Attraction is often portrayed as a ‘magical’ solution – think it and it will become.  Well, not quite!   It is true that where the mind goes, the outcome occurs but this is synchronicity too!

Synchronicity is also known as ‘coincidence’ when in fact it is the mind actively looking – without much effort from you consciously – for opportunities to create your desire planted in your mind!

Your mind WILL be on alert, looking for options and opportunities to create and enhance your plans; that’s your unconscious-mind’s job!  Your conscious-mind’s job it to take that information and use it practically, prompting and then taking action steps.  When you are thinking of a new car, your mind looks at EVERY car you pass by – colour, style, power, size and much more even without you trying or acting of your own volition.

Your mind will take in millions of facts without you knowing it and discarding some without your awareness too, but keeping those that relate to your current ‘projects’ i.e. buying the car, caring for children, getting your work done, getting the shopping in, attending the sports meeting…

The 5 why’s is a key technique to get to the bottom of a problem or belief – the underlying issue often, the effects of which might be behaviours like procrastination, avoiding a subject or situation, reactions of defensiveness to someone’s comments or actions etc.

Children are renowned for asking why but do they actually find out WHY something is or isn’t when parents actually don’t get to the final why?  Perhaps not.   Some adults find this technique threatening but if they respond openly, then it can be very effective!

  • Why do you want to change job?
  • Why do you think …
  • Why are you …
  • Why would you …
  • Why is it that …

…are variations on a theme that you can use, and this is essentially how therapists and coaches find our more.   And asking open questions too, which essentially these are!


  • Why? Because I was not valuable enough to the company
  • Why? Because a newer employee in my department was getting far more done
  • Why? Because I had allowed my learning to stagnate and stopped keeping up with industry developments
  • Why? Because I only received encouraging feedback from people higher up in the company
  • Why? Because whenever I received negative feedback in the past, I got angry and defensive so with redundancies looming I was a natural choice
  • Solution: In future jobs, I must learn to be responsive to feedback and avoid becoming angry when I receive negative feedback


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http://l.goodbits.io/l/qqj6wdn9 is an in-depth look at how and why you can assess underlying causes for effects you experience in your life, from Postanly.