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Prevention and Promotion

More than a decade of research shows that when people experience a fit between their own motivation and the way they work, they are not only more effective, but they also find their work more interesting and engaging, and value it more. Huffington Post article from career coach... A great article

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How did I get here? 

Share my story – maybe.  I like ‘people’s stories’ – everyone has one, even those of you who believe your life story is boring and uninteresting to others.  It’s not.  It’s interesting because it’s unique; it’s important because it’s yous. Sometimes stories inspire others to make a move, take a

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Here Come the Girls Events

March 2014  The Hartshead Inn at Mossley was a really good event.  £15 including a meal and a soft drink the meeting was casual chat and then eating in a separate section of the comfortable, beamed restaurant.  It was fun, friendly and useful to find out about each other.  We all got

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