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The Confidence Course

What you will learn on the confidence course ·    Understand why you feel as you do ·    What you can do to change that ·    Tools and techniques you can use for sharing publicly ·    Understanding etiquette and pitfalls so you feel more comfortable ·    Practice speaking up and speaking out in a safe environment with like-minded people You may feel judged or have previously been told you're 'wrong' in some way and now believe it when

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Managing Workplace Relationships Well

Workplace relationships can be really helpful, positive and proactive ….or they can be miserable, damaging, even destructive, to people and organisations. Which one is yours? As a manager you are responsible for not only yourself but your team too.  That involves a lot of relationships!  You lead your team, you manage the workloads, you relate to people … With each member of your team, whoever and however they are With

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What I do as a Coach

Recently I attended a blogging training course and wrote a blog on what they could do for their business marketing in creating blog content and putting it out on their websites.  It led on to another part of the blog that brought me here to what I could do for them as a coach, in marketing that initially bears little resemblance to the coaching role!   But here is why I

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