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Who are you? What’s on offer?

Self awareness is key to being happy so knowing who you are and what you can offer in the world is important to you and other people around you. Not just in business - but know your brand, create it, and share it (marketing yourself, selling your skills and talents).

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Paid v Unpaid business networking?

Someone suggested that paid networking is no longer popular, and more businesses are actually leading unpaid networks or those whose cost simply covers lunch and drink without profits for the organiser.  Yet it still take time to arrange, so must be worth it for the business host's market Not paying!

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Potentialisation Meet Up Group

Excited to be co-hosting and administering this group set up in 2016 that I attended most of 2017/18 when it lost momentum due to location problems earlier this year. My 'tribe' of like-minded people who 'get me' and me them.   Looking at human potential and possibilities, looking for their

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