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Living the Dream!

So, are you living the dream? And what dream is that?  The cliched one of money, holiday, the love of your life - or more realistic that sometimes life gets in the way of your dream? Step by step we can reach the dreams we have.  We have to believe

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Are you ‘SAD’ or sad?

Seasonal Affective Disorder SAD as it's known, is the impact ("depressive") of dark nights and lack of sunlight – grey days, closing ourselves away because it’s cold, stress because the weather limits our travel and loneliness when fewer people visit or we get out and engage with other people.  It

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       What is a ‘moment’? Picture by Stuart Miles Maybe you see this on social media, or hear people mention their own ‘moments’ in life, but if you don’t know what that means then you have missed moments in your own life! Moments are just those moments that

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