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Reasons people come for Coaching

Coaching is the process - and a flexible process that can be adapted to help change happen in any area you choose or need to move forward in your life. That could be practical, emotional, psychological, professionally or personally, medically or wishing, hoping and dreaming that something could or should

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Confidently ‘fitting in’ – a contradiction?

Confidence.  That elusive word for many, the word that conjures up the feelings of capability in the given setting, knowing your worth and abilities, knowing you belong …where? Where you are?  Yes, maybe and you've found the 'right' setting for you…corporate, self employed, artistic, creative, sensible, analytical, middle of the

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Work hard to live your dreams – but is that all it takes?

Guardian Article on hard work doesn’t achieve dreams alone… And I agree.  But as a life coach I am supposed to spout the ideals that effort = achievement.  And I do believe this, but it also needs some additional ingredients. Psychologically - self esteem, self belief, positive outlook (NLP's toward

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