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The benefits of asking for support when you need it

Support or help is a word that some people find 'weak' - well, it's certainly not! Asking for help is a sign of strength and awareness that you can't do it all, on your own!   It is our natural state of community and society, how we were meant to live

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Benefit from Online Resources

Do you research online for information on something you need or want to know more about? How to ... on You Tube videos are very popular! Blogging is now big business as well as informative! Even online training courses for reasonable charges... But how would you like to best learn,

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Aiming for rejections? Not successes?

That sounds counter-intuitive, especially to a coach, but yet, it makes sense!  Why?  Because I often quote Thomas Edison's 700-8000 'failures'(who knows the real number?)  quoted in a newspaper of the time when innovating the light bulb (everyone has now got more than one!) and he said that he didn’t

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