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Lifestyle-Change Management

As Sainsbury's is the latest store to announce staffing cuts in 'back office' and HR functions, along with the other large stores, there is a lot of lifestyle change going to happen for people! Their income will change - cuts, redundancies, job hunting in a still difficult market - and

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Case Study: Transitioning to Retirement + Consultancy

One client a few years ago came to me for 'retirement coaching' which in turn developed into semi-retirement and developing a consultancy service rather than the business employment he was moving from.  Although he had started and built his business, then sold it on and was in effect, a consultant

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The benefits of asking for support when you need it

Support or help is a word that some people find 'weak' - well, it's certainly not! Asking for help is a sign of strength and awareness that you can't do it all, on your own!   It is our natural state of community and society, how we were meant to live

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