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Can you laugh at dementia?

Sometimes you can, but not at the disease or the problems, or the person suffering and those looking on - but when you're involved, there can be amusing moments! One day I was working as an activity co-ordinator and taking a few residents out, with the home's dog too.  

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Environmental Stress – Noise

http://www.dbxacoustics.com/acoustic-design-in-prisons/ A business colleague, Susan Witterick, from dBxacoustics who work on noise management, and this is what it raised from their newsletter Stress Management - Environmental This is a typical case of how your environment in your office, home, school or other environment like this or hospitals, can raise stress

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Letting go…

This is the one action that would save us all so much stress, anxiety and unhappiness!  And it sounds easy - but we all know it's not, don't we? I remember the first time I recognised that I had let go of a long standing anxiety that caused me tears,

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