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Heading for burnout …stop breathe think!

Heading for burn out? Or already there? Which are you, heading in this direction? Even if you’ve arrived, it’s not to late to change your thoughts and feelings, and therefore behaviour to more meaningful, effective self management! Patricia Panicker – unable to manage unexpected hiccups or events that threaten your

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Recognising change

How do you recognise change? In you... In others... We tend to see changes after an absence as it is usually gradual - so if you haven't seen an old friend or relative for a while, you notice 'differences' in how they look and behave.   In ourselves, or those

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PTSD response to Narcissistic Abuse

I haven’t heard it called this before, but it makes sense from my experience with clients of the abuse circumstances. The abusive partner is Narcissistic – they only think of themselves and their own needs, cannot see the needs of others or the relationship with others – just how they

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Happiness shows!

So why do my clients often turn up looking great all of a sudden? When they do, I know the breakthrough has come for them.  They feel great after their struggles, they are happier and feel more able to focus outwardly and engage - so they make time for themselves.

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A clear mind is a happy mind!

De-cluttering isn’t just for wardrobes you know!  It can be your life, your mind, your options and opportunities too! How? Choice overwhelms me  or used to at least!   I recognised this when I was hurrying on a Saturday morning for a school shirt for my daughter.  Bearing in mind it

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