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CPD: Domestic Violence & Abuse course

My own CPPD As part of my own continuous personal and professional development, I have recently completed an online course on this topic through Centre of Excellence, who provide CPD course at affordable prices.  Accessible and easy to use, learning at your own pace, and your own way, this course

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Why do we need studies to tell us natural reactions?

Why do we need studies to prove our natural way of being a person, to heal and learn - to grow with awareness and understanding and find natural solutions to our needs and problems? Why have we lost touch with our all powerful Self - mind, body, soul or spirituality

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Interview Tips & Techniques for both parties

Two perspectives on this, covered here, for ideas, insights and tips. Being interviewed Interviewing Seeing both sides can often help and that is part of my coaching practice - to encourage looking at a situation from  different perspectives be that negatively to more positively, or person to person in relationships

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ADHD Traits of Entrepreneurs

I have suspected for a while - from my own curiosity, wondering what makes an 'entrepreneurial' character - that ADHD or ADD is part of the mix other than the lists provided.  What do they have that I don’t?  (Or maybe I don’t utilise it if I have it?).  So

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