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Limit your limiting beliefs today!

What is a limiting belief that can hold you back from exploring/achieving your potential? Beliefs are created by experiences from childhood onwards, they are built and reinforced from negative experiences or perceptions that your mind begins to believe as universal truths - about yourself, about life, about your environment and the people around you. Therefore, your mind protects you (body, emotions, soul) from 'making those mistakes again, but it also

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Relationship Coaching or Couples Counselling?

It's the same thing really!  Coaching is more proactive than listening and with couples - or any two people, family, workplace conflict etc - it needs to be active to work, asking questions, finding and sharing answers together.   The coach or counsellor will help two people to take the others perspective, their viewpoint and explain what might be going wrong.  Usually it's a communication problem, even if that underlies the

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You CAN choose your thoughts!

Well, you can choose which ones to hold onto and dwell on!  Make them the POSITIVE thoughts instead! As we usually choose the negative ones, worry about them, turn them around - constantly! yet the best, positive and helpful thoughts ...we let them just ride on through our head, passing by when they have so much to offer us!  So change your mind! How do you choose those thoughts that

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