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Two years ago…

I set off on my trip of lifetime - my dream to travel for a year, experiencing diverse cultures, meeting interesting people, and seeing amazing scenery!   The stars aligned, I had a once in a lifetime opportunity to live my dream to solo backpack round the world - or at least parts of it - and I did it! Two years ago today I set off from Manchester to Bangkok, sitting

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Stop blindly strolling through your life!

And take some direct action to make it happen the way you want it to be! "So many people are blindly leading their way through life, with only a tiny part of the picture and no clear direction to what they want or where they are heading" This quotation was taken from a coaches e-mail into my inbox but it said it all, whilst I was listening to an online

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What I do as a Coach

Recently I attended a blogging training course and wrote a blog on what they could do for their business marketing in creating blog content and putting it out on their websites.  It led on to another part of the blog that brought me here to what I could do for them as a coach, in marketing that initially bears little resemblance to the coaching role!   But here is why I

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