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Never mind stepping up, step back!

You hear it all the time in development tips, strategies and motivation - STEP UP! And with responsibilities you have to step up too. But what about simply ….stepping back?  Just one or maybe two steps.  Slow down.  Take a look from a distance - then you can make appropriate choices, see the wood (big picture) for the trees (details). This is part of any development or learning - to

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How to do things differently – and win!

Does your life - home and work - have to be quite so hard?  Is this something you say most days if not every day? I have done it!  I'm sure you have too, especially working women and with children!  Men too so I won't leave them out - but balancing so much of 'life' in a day is daunting for many! So STOP.  Take time out (YES, you can!)

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