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Personal Development for Personal Power

Personal Power - what is it? It is the collective opportunities that you derive from learning about yourself, about people and their mind-set. It provides options that you may not otherwise have had, once you know yourself It is a benefit of self-awareness   The more you know, the more

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Team Mediation Coaching

What does this mean?   More often you hear of HR dealing with 'problem employees' and this can - too often I believe - lead to disciplinary if left to managers.  Managers have 'put up with' badly behaved people or negative mind-set team members …instead of managing them!   That's their job

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Benefit from Online Resources

Do you research online for information on something you need or want to know more about? How to ... on You Tube videos are very popular! Blogging is now big business as well as informative! Even online training courses for reasonable charges... But how would you like to best learn,

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