Business Planning & Implementing

Business Planning and Implementing those plans are the first steps for any new or developing business – as things change, so does the business – and you!

Business Plan Stuart Miles

Before thinking about marketing and branding, and over-arching consideration above all is your Business Plan.

  • Where are you going with your business?
  • What do you sell?
    Who to and how?
  • When and why?
  • What do you have?
  • What do you need?
  • How will you get it?

All classic coaching questions!

  1. Set your goal (go into business)
  2. Decide what to sell
  3. Decide who wants it
  4. How you can let them know about it?
  5. What brand image will you choose?
  6. WHY?
  7. What steps do you need to take and plan?
  8. What order and what next?
  9. How will you know when you get there?
  10. Monitoring progress and staying on track …

Strategy digital by digital art

Getting you from bottom to top and out into the spotlight of networks, business and customers!

Not as easy as ‘going into business’ first sounds is it?   We have all been there at the start and found it harder work than perhaps expected, things not even known about until you’re in there, and then finding out about the many and varied changes, developments, options and opportunities every single week!  Phew!  No wonder people give up, businesses don’t thrive or even don’t work out.

So then to the crux of business planning …

Devising it, planning it, auctioning it and managing it – not to mention writing it!   (And note, it isn’t always about writing reams and paragraphs as there are other shorter options you can tap into such as templates with short notes and discussion, or even drawings if that suits you!

Getting into the right format for the bank, landlord or other needs is a different issue than actually ‘planning’ and implementing it.   And this might be something holding you back when it is not the crux of the problem really!  Hence, again, this is how coaching can help you take the necessary and right steps for you, to get you to the place you want whilst someone else might take a different approach or route than you would choose!  Again, NLP raises it’s helpful head in self-awareness and looking at options you can choose that meet your needs and abilities.

This is the fun bit – we are all different, unique, individual and yet share the same aims (sales of similar products and services), the same needs (marketing, awareness, planning and organising) and the same processes albeit perhaps a different approach to reaching your goal!

Business coaching comes into it’s own here with the planning and implementing – that is what coaching actual does for you!