Business Exposure

Attending the Manchester Biz Expo last week – Thursday, 25th May 2017 at the Mercure Hotel, Picaddilly – was a dream come true for me – a goal achieved set about three years ago, or four!  I can’t remember other than attending the one at the Hilton Hotel, Deansgate and wishing I was able to showcase there.  Why?  Because

  • there were a lot of people passing through,
  • business always needs exposure
  • so people know who you are and that you exist – and that you have services they might benefit from!
  • networking – you meet other businesses and find out about what they offer, even potential to collaborate
  • hear speakers which often accompany expos
  • practice your pitch, answering questions, letting people know about how you work
  • meeting people and letting them meet you!

I met lots of business people seeing who was around and about, some new businesses and some I already know so familiar faces from networking already, something I do once a week at least if I can.

Chris, Myself and Rebecca at the Manchester Biz Expo 2017, right by the stage where three speakers were on, and the speed networking at the other side of the hall from us that both Chris and Rebecca tried!  I did this at the 2014 one when I visited the Hilton Hotel – with another girl I knew at the Oldham Hour stand – social media sharing!

I met the general public who came to see what might be on offer – not too many of those but for me, that is my target audience – the people who would benefit from and want to find coaching in Manchester.

I like meeting people – asking questions, finding out about them, their lives and interests and if requested, how I could help their performance personally or professionally.

We (myself and two other new coaches showcasing with me, sharing the stand cost which can be prohibitive for some smaller businesses and sole traders), held a draw for free coaching sessions which was quite popular.  We can offer value to even those not winning by offering links to website blogs, tips and newsletters or giveaways we choose to send them in thanks for their interest and attention.

We offered lollies, sweets or chocolates, water or fruit on other stands, that people walking around are grateful for or, like me, on stands all day and a sugar hit and drink always welcome!

I did one at the Bierkeller in Manchester early in May which again was good for business networking at least, but new, not many visitors this first one!   I also attended the Mind Body Soul at EventCity the weekend before, and again, met new contacts for my business, saw opportunities for myself and even tried a couple of workshops that offered me practical experience of services on offer.

Meeting Adam from Belle Vue Coaches at the Bierkeller event, who won a free session there and the boards from this event …


An Expo – not everyone I told about it knew what this meant, or was.   Hence the need for more exposure and sharing!

I love these sort of events, showcasing new ideas, new opportunities and options to resolve problems or improve health and well-being and meet with like-minded people, and listen to motivational, inspiring speakers too!

I buy books, take papers home, read up on the website and find tips and tools I wouldn’t otherwise find out about.  You can do this too – as a business, as a visitor.   Always time to spend learning and seeing, engaging and benefiting yourself and others!