Business Coaching

Setting up in business but worried if it will work out?  Then try doing it part time alongside a part time job employed by someone else … it can help you learn about pitfalls, give you peace of mind with a steady income whilst you build your customer base and develop your services or products.

Worrying distracts us from performaning well, thinking clearly and being able to project ideas and even try them out.

SCreating yourselfelf-employment is hard work like most jobs are, but the reliable income can help you to feel secure whilst spreading your wings too!

There  is a lot to learn in business, and the variety of demands on your time, knoweldge and your purse too are many, and the learning about social media and marketing, acccounting records and client contacts, sales is a difficult one unless you’re a natural or have developed your skills, and then strategic planning is something to be honed and your website needs to be maintained.

Then there is actual customer or client work!  The nitty gritty of your business – products or service provisions, and making sure you comply with standards, agencies and legalities too.

Sounds overwhelming?  Like anything, tackle it step by step, dont try to learn it and do it all at once.  That’s the fun of business – the learning, trying and the succeeding.   (There is no such thing as failure – just find ways how not to do it like Thomas Eddison and his light bulb idea!)

Networking groupCoaching in business isn’t necessarily about the practical skills (although it can help there too!) – creative marketing and practical tools of website and Facebook page management, nor the taking the money and recording it, or tax forms – it’s about maintaining motivation, inspiring new thoughts and ideas, supporting business owners (or managers, leaders, CEOs – and the team on the ground) to stay on track (business plan, strategy), and to feel less alone (sole traders or small business owners), and also to help with a shoulder to moan on, reflect on your new ideas and get encouragement and enthusiasm from me, your coach too!   Coaching can help with setting up systems and procedures, policy documents and helpful contacts or it can be more efficient ways of doing everyday jobs perhaps.