Build your own Personal Powerhouse in 2018

What is Personal Power? 

I chooseIt’s the power you can wield in your life to make you happy, healthy and going in the right direction – one that you choose, you follow, you create!

Rather than wander aimlessly through life, seeing what it throws at you, and putting up with people and situations that don’t work for you – YOU CAN:

  • Make Informed Choices because you know what you want and where you’re going
  • Make Effective Decisions based on knowledge you gain every day
  • Personal Development with tools and techniques at your fingertips (or in your head!)
  • Professional Development in a career you love, feel passionate about and inspired by
  • Meet helpful people who will support, encourage and mentor you to better things
  • Learn how to manage your boundaries help people understand how you want to be treatedMirror confused
  • Find out all about you!   Your skills, natural talents, personal preferences and tendencies
  • What motivates you and why?
  • What are your values and beliefs – and are they working for you?
  • Be ready to take topportunities as they arise for you – or even create them yourself!
  • Understand yourself and you will become more understanding and tolerant
  • Improve your relationships because you have more empathy for others
  • Meet your needs once you know what they are and create your best environment all the time
  • Understand what you want and why, why it’s important and the benefits it will bring you!

“If you find something you love doing, you never have to work another day in your life!” 

So don’t just walk blindly through your life, every day events and the actions you take – identify for yourself what is good or bad, relative and relevant for you  so that you can use it again in a similar or a different situation.

Confidence” is knowing how to transfer knowledge and use it to resolve a new, often unfamiliar, situation and believe you know how to manage it effectively.

Creating yourself

Build these techniques and tools into your own ‘personal power’-house now!