A box of hopes and dreams

Having covered vision boards and books, here we are with a third option of a box that contains your hopes and wishes – that will lead you to your dream, achieve your goals!

How?  Well, containing similar items as the other two – pictures, words, quotes, ideas, items, photos, memorabilia, you can fill your box with all sorts of things you couldn’t include in a book or on a wall!

You can handle the items daily or weekly, adding things daily and looking at the box every day!  You can decorate it, buy one you like, have different sizes or even a small collection of decorative boxes you stock together if you like.  The choice is yours.

How you do it and what you include, and why you chose a box over a board or book, is your very own reasoning – your preference and that counts for a lot!

Your preference matters most in your life – your natural ‘preferences; include how you communicate, how you learn, how you perceive and what you are good at.  They relate to your unique mix of ideas and experiences, of nature and nurture.  Are you visual? Then pictures and photos; or auditory – CDs, music, podcasts or voices and sounds; if you ‘prefer’ to use words like feel and touch, then you are likely kinaesthetic and feel things so fabrics, or textures, things that remind you of moments or people for example.