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Consult your Business Needs

Bringing in a consultant is a risk and a benefit, costly but cost effective - at least that's the aim.  Why are you considering it?  Is there something you need a new perspective on and new tools and techniques to achieve this goal rather than the current team who provide the necessary services in that department? Could you actually help yourselves in-house less expensively with coaching for your Self, or for

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Coaching or Consultancy Considerations for Businesses

Business Coaching will help people with their individual practical needs which might be common to everyone in business, you will also have your very own unique 'needs' to meet that impact on your feelings and behaviours, created by your thoughts (beliefs, expectations, desires etc) What it is and how it can help you as a small or medium sized business …and larger ones too, depends on you, your team and their

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How will Coaching Workshops work for you?

Coaching workshops will be for around 10 people maximum so that we each have time to speak, share and question the process and personal uncertainties. I will share tips and tools, ideas and coaching prompts to help you clarify your objectives, create your goals, plan your steps and learn how to manage and monitor your progress. The skills and insights you learn will be valuable to you in future planning

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Changing your awareness in a year …

In the wake of recent developments in the UK since my return from travelling one year ago today 4th June 2015, how do you FEEL? Knowing this - your actual emotions, how they affect your thoughts and therefore your behaviour give your more personal power to change, stay as you are or move things around in your life to achieve the status you want to have. Why? How?  Thoughts influence

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