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Business Coaching: Improve your Marketing – Blog!

How to write your blog every week and improve your marketing The other day I was attending a blogging advice course by DigiEnable, whose founder Liz I met a few months ago at a coaching event.  I liked her and was impressed with her story.  This time, I met Darren, her co-founder who was also lovely! Not only nice people, they know their stuff.  I learned a lot although I

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Two years ago…

I set off on my trip of lifetime - my dream to travel for a year, experiencing diverse cultures, meeting interesting people, and seeing amazing scenery!   The stars aligned, I had a once in a lifetime opportunity to live my dream to solo backpack round the world - or at least parts of it - and I did it! Two years ago today I set off from Manchester to Bangkok, sitting

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Just Talk! Resolving relationship clashes

That's how most problems are resolved - just by talking to each other!  It may be a company problem or a friendship fall out, a family squabble or something more serious but it still takes two people to talk it through.  Relationships are one to one, even within a group or a team. If two people no longer get along for some reason, it can disrupt the group.  "I won't

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“I don’t know” is the wrong answer

“I don’t know” This is not the right answer…and it isn’t really true, is it?" If you have come in to Coaching or counselling you know that you don’t know what is happening, you already realise three are things to clarify and understand.  But you do know what you are thinking ad feeling even if this may well be uncomfortable for you to share, or even admit to yourself. You

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