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What is the Mind-set of an Entrepreneur?

Take from Nick Scott White (of 'Don't put diesel in your Ferrari' fame), these are the key attitudes and behaviours, the awareness, that business people have who start up their own businesses. Focus - clear goal, objectives to work to, consistent mental direction Imagination - re-imagining new ways and ideas to do things in your business Outcomes from your actions are the aim of each day Always self-aware - strengths,

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Case Study: Transitioning to Retirement + Consultancy

One client a few years ago came to me for 'retirement coaching' which in turn developed into semi-retirement and developing a consultancy service rather than the business employment he was moving from.  Although he had started and built his business, then sold it on and was in effect, a consultant to them, he was of an age where he wanted to reduce his working hours and increase his leisure hours! 

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PREPARE to succeed

What does it mean to prepare to succeed?  Take a look here. Prepare your plan ahead of time - don’t wait for things to happen to/for you.  Take the reigns! Recognise what it is you want from your career and take steps to work towards it daily Expect problems so you are ready to manage them - envisage solutions just in case … People are the key - they change

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Do you get embarrassed easily?

Does that hold you back? If so, what can you do about it and improve your chances in life instead of needing to hide from the laughter or sneers you think are aimed at you? Maybe they are - not everyone is as nice as you! But perhaps not always, or not as you imagine they are.  Laughing at you is not the same as laughing with you!   This is

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