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Project Managing …Your Life!

This Project Management post from Taco at Trello that dropped in my inbox today says it all - and reading it, I was struck by the similarities to coaching - something I've explained coaching as before is 'project managing your life' - the objective is to achieve the outcomes you want! Using the same headings I mirror them to coaching for Career Coaching - Employed people, Coaching Business owners and

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Is it good to talk?

Is it always good to talk (at work?) asks the Guardian. My instant reply?  Yes, of course it is! The main reference was talking in meetings though and although I like meetings (am I odd?) because there are lots of thoughts and input to sift out the helpful points, and everyone gets to hear the same message (really?) at the same time…if they listen. Why is it important? Talking is

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Marketing for SMEs – mind how you create content!

Marketing for SMEs There are a lot of options for self-employed, freelancers and medium sized businesses to promote their wares these days.  But have you thought about them?  Do you know them all? How do you decide which will work for you or which to invest your time and money in? After all, time IS money to SMEs!   We don’t have budgets for marketing, or staff to do it often,

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How to manage management meetings

So true!  We create on our own because it comes from within and we are unique creatures! But we do need stimulation and new ideas and that comes from without! So when we have a meeting, when it's scheduled in and everyone groans (but me?!) and we diary in thinking already of excuses not to go or reasons we shouldn’t like not completing our assigned actions from the last one…

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