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How to make choices and decisions

Know your tendencies and values We all have parameters to meet in the form of our mental 'filters' - unconscious often, our mind filters incoming information (and there is a lot of it every minute of every day! 20,000 pieces of information apparently!) through our unique filters that have been created by our previous experiences.   Filters we have created or  developed come from our values and beliefs that we've developed

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What turns you on & takes you to your peak?

If you don't know you're missing out on huge opportunities? This is what personal development is all about - knowing yourself, your needs and then finding tools and techniques to help you achieve your dreams, your goals! Knowing what? Strengths Areas to develop Resources you need to build Those resources you currently have to hand and how you use them Tools like: Planning and scheduling templates Apps to help you

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Are you Limiting your Potential?

What is a limiting belief that can hold you back from exploring/achieving your potential? Beliefs are created by experiences from childhood onwards, they are built and reinforced from negative experiences or perceptions that your mind begins to believe as universal truths - about yourself, about life, about your environment and the people around you. Therefore, your mind protects you (body, emotions, soul) from 'making those mistakes again, but it also

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Team Mediation Coaching

What does this mean?   More often you hear of HR dealing with 'problem employees' and this can - too often I believe - lead to disciplinary if left to managers.  Managers have 'put up with' badly behaved people or negative mind-set team members …instead of managing them!   That's their job to manage those problems, not just the goals and objectives!  Managing a team to achieve objectives and targets is ALL

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