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Why the Cause on the effect?

Coaching helps you to focus on your goal once identified through the assessment discussion, and to create the cause for the desired effect… The Law of Attraction is often portrayed as a 'magical' solution - think it and it will become.  Well, not quite!   It is true that where the mind goes, the outcome occurs but this is synchronicity too! Synchronicity is also known as 'coincidence' when in fact it

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Clear Progress… get MORE from Group Coaching Workshops!

Clearly progressing ...your business with coaching in a group setting that is more accessible, more affordable, more effective and more supportive. Motivation to act and achieve Options and opportunities meeting new people with new perspectives Realising your ideas, your plans and your beliefs will inspire more action with rewards and learning Exploring new ways of being and doing, diverse insights and reflections from other people, other businesses ... This is a little insight into

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Peaks and Troughs

Peak Moments in life are what makes it worth living!    Reaching your peak in your life, your career, your skills is satisfying and fulfilling. There are natural peaks we reach in life and then the ebb begins and we never make that standard or level again, and often this is age-related.  Not older people but throughout life we have peak times that we should try to take advantage of perhaps!

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Happiful Retirement!

Here is on of my articles on Retirement Coaching that published on the Life Coach Directory and also in their latest issue of their new magazine, Happiful for June 2017.  You can read the full article here and see the excerpt below. I was happy to allow them to use the article for this month's magazine, and help share the many facets that 'life coaching' can help with. As a Career Coach

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