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Why is there a rise is self-employment?

Posted on January 25, 2014 More self employed people in the UK since the 2008 credit crunch set in, fewer job vacancies and bank loan problems. It could be  a response to being the only option for an income… To fit in with part time employment to increase income to make ends meet.. Job centres encourage self-employment, there is various support for new businesses which can ease the pressure on communities,

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Counselling and Coaching Compliments …

Posted on January 28, 2014 How do counselling and coaching complement each other? (No, not a spelling mistake ...) I am often asked if both services lead one into the other (generally, counselling into coaching)… well, they can, but often one process completes and the other follows later (Counselling to Coaching).  Months later maybe… There are, however, elements of each service in each process and hence my joint skill-set is helpful

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The year of the horse 2014

Posted on January 30, 2014 Happy Chinese New year for 31st January 2014! As I am interested in spiritual side of life and people (Reiki, Feng Sui) as well as our emotional and practical aspects (counselling and coaching), I thought I’d share insights here for this coming year.  It sounds exciting and hopeful! And that’s what we need – hope, choice, opportunities. So what else does the year of the Horse

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Self-awareness is essential for happiness

The benefits of self awareness are that knowing where you came from (beliefs, influences, options and choices, values, communities, expectations and needs) are what make you you, and what make you choose the way you do and end up where you are! Hard to hear?  Hard to hear yourself and be yourself, flaws, mistakes and all? So far, so good then! Once you accept that and understand it, then and only

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