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Managing Stress at Work

Whether you’re a manager of a team or the CEO of the company, cutting down workplace stress will improve morale, increase productivity and give you your life back. Stress and work can often come hand in hand, so what can you do to get rid of it? If you are in a position of power within your company/team, there are some techniques you can use to keep the office a stress-free environment.

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Modelling & Mentoring

“Imitation is easy, anyone can copy something, it doesn’t mean they can solve a customer’s problems. Being the real deal is tough, but it’s what sets those leaders apart. They are the people customers will listen to. They understand what the customer needs to do, providing a clear path to solving the problem.  Over the long term, the success of these people and organizations far outshines all the imitators or

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Communicating with men (really!)

I found this on the internet (see below) - written by a man for women!  And so true.  Communicating in the right way for the person/people you are addressing (your audience) is crucial to get your message across to them!  They have their own filters from their experiences that will undoubtedly change the message you send them! And the crux is that CLEAR COMMUNICATION is always best - with men, women, children or

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