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The path may not be smooth but will be worth it!

I wrote this a few weeks ago and saved it as I do most of my blogs, or I publish them immediately.  This seems appropriate alongside my earlier blog on motivation, inspiration and passion, so here it is as well. Almost every day I have setbacks to my dreams, to my goals! I have had these the more dear those dreams have become to me. But it doesn’t stop me

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Attention to the detail of people’s lives

"Find Mike" - diagnosed with schizo-affective disorder, he felt like this life was over.           No-one gave him hope or options - until Mike arrived at his side as he stood on a bridge ready to jump.  Six years on, he finds Mike (article) through a Twitter campaign that went internationally viral and led to interviews and eventually the message arrived at the right place ... Video of

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Mentoring and Rippling

Post 2014 - Original post 2011 Create a ripple of goodness …  blog by Dr Mollie I really like this blog generally – “Productive Flourishing” – and this blog post caught my attention as it reflects my own objectives “to connect” with others. Image courtesy of Grant Cochrane / FreeDigitalPhotos.net The ripple effect is something I have been keen on and impressed by, and try to follow, for many years;

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New Premises! New Services!

"Maybe temporary but at least I’ve done it!  I have my own premises …   This was a goal I didn’t expect to achieve just yet (2011 in Waterhead areas of Lees, Oldham) – but the opportunity arose, and I was ready to take it!"    Now in Lees High St OL4 4LY, I have moved where I have always wanted to be! It's two small rooms where I can consult and do support group

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