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Communicating with men (really!)

I found this on the internet (see below) - written by a man for women!  And so true.  Communicating in the right way for the person/people you are addressing (your audience) is crucial to get your message across to them!  They have their own filters from their experiences that will undoubtedly change the message you send them! And the crux is that CLEAR COMMUNICATION is always best - with men, women, children or

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Intuition or Logic – what’s your ‘preference’?

TAKE THE TEST to see if you are logical or intuitive (left brain, right brain hemisphere). The best option is to develop BOTH hemispheres, a balance of use in situations or specific situations.   Although the test showed left brain for me (logic) I have re-learned to trust my own instincts, especially in client work - body language, tone & Pitch, eye movements and the phrases and words which I can reflect on

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Chaos is not the problem!

“Chaos is not the problem, it’s how we respond to it that makes the difference between balance & imbalance” Chip Weiner How do you respond? Do you feel overwhelmed and shut your eyes to the problem and hope it goes away perhaps? Do you set to aiming to do it all by the day's end?  Then feel frustrated, exhausted and beat yourself up for not achieving it and managing all

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12 tips for Assertiveness

What does it mean to be assertive/what is assertiveness?        It isn’t aggression to get your way, nor is it taking what you don’t deserve or isn’t your right. It’s quite the opposite – about asking for what you deserve – need, want, expect, hope for - from someone, in a given situation.   It’s about asserting your rights and letting people know what you need or want. Assertiveness is ... Knowing your rights

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