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Communicating with men (really!)

I found this on the internet (see below) - written by a man for women!  And so true.  Communicating in the right way for the person/people you are addressing (your audience) is crucial to get your message across to them!  They have their own filters from their experiences that will undoubtedly change the

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Chaos is not the problem!

“Chaos is not the problem, it’s how we respond to it that makes the difference between balance & imbalance” Chip Weiner How do you respond? Do you feel overwhelmed and shut your eyes to the problem and hope it goes away perhaps? Do you set to aiming to do it

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10 Careers most prone to depression?

An NHS site offered these as the top 10 careers where depression is prevalent.  Is it because those predisposed to depression are attracted to the job or does the job create depression?  Will we ever really know the answer to this too? I will post each one of the following daily and add comments

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