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The word is …rapturous?

Words are very important to me and always have been. I realised this today.  I often ask people (clients!) for three words to describe themselves. Mine therefore would be words, knowledge, sharing ... or learning, growth, development perhaps The right word in the right context is essential for me -

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Motivating Young People …

...is not that different from motivating older people actually! As a life coach/career coach (or any other coaching except sports!) motivation is key to achieving your goals that you set yourself, so it’s something I know a little about – and keep learning with reading, comments, quotes and discussions. Basic

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Personal development pays ….

This is how to make yourself ‘worth more’! To make yourself … better than you are now – and get more for it! http://www.betterdaystv.net/play.php?vid=256 by Jim Rohn – who is “worth millions” …. So learning more about who you are … How to use what you've already got to best advantage

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