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A person-centred approach

What does that mean?   Person-centred. It is something I came across when I was deciding to undertake my training for counselling - which model suited me best?  There was an immediate recognition for me, and understanding (another jigsaw piece in building my own self-awareness which has led me to

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Coping with Separation or Divorce

On 15th May I was networking at Oldham Women in Business and Pearson Legal based in Oldham town centre were presenting their Family Law service with a more helpful options than the traditional model of solicitor v solicitor adversarially. 'Resolution' is a code of practice that is becoming more popular

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Trust your intuition

"The Art of Listening; as you converse with someone, check in and see what your intuition is telling you. Is the person being truthful or trying to manipulate you? This can be a very effective tool during business meetings with new clients or vendors. .....As you repeat the process (of

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Drop your negative thoughts off

the-mindbus-technique from The Emotion Machine A good technique to change your negative thoughts and leave space 'on the bus' for positive ones! Visualisation is easy for some people who are 'visual learners' and even kinaesthetic learners as you will 'feel' relief at dropping them off... but maybe not that easy for

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How to feel great!

"Since visiting you in the new year I've changed my job, lost a stone in weight, cut out dross people in my life, changed my  number so (some people) can't contact me.  Feel so much better!  Still get down but I pick myself up and take myself out for a

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