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Who is your future self?

I love this idea! Do you look to your future self?  Or have you, like many people, just drifted to where you are?  There must have been some decision making and planning - even if it was forced upon you, and even if it was "I'll just stay here". Something

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Moving on …

What to consider when you are moving on – in career, in life, in love... Consider carefully your dreams, hopes and wishes.   Take opportunities when the come, and be ready for them with pre -planning!    Sometimes those opportunities come disguised ...as problems, heartache, loss ....but always changes! What

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Keeping MUM!

Mothers Day. Mum's are special.  Aren't they? I lost my mum when I was almost 50 but it wasn't any easier because I was older. I and wrote a poem for her here, inspired by her bravery in life and living: ) I am a mum, a mother to two

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The second five thoughts for happiness

10. Explore new ideas and opportunities often.  It stimulates the mind, the body and the soul. 11. Don’t be shy. Network with people. Meet new people.  They all have something to offer – something you can learn about them, the world, you! 12. Communicate – tell people what you want

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