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How to do things differently

Does your life - home and work - have to be quite so hard?  Is this something you say most days if not every day? I have done it!  I'm sure you have too, especially working women and with children!  Men too so I won't leave them out - but balancing so much of 'life' in a day is daunting for many! So STOP.  Take time out (YES, you can!)

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Coaching isn’t really understood – nor misunderstood either

Coaching is not an easily understood or familiar concept, nor the process behind it ...or the reason and uses of it for that matter either!  Coaching can offer you a new structure having lost the one that's been in place for years often. Changes to your current situation - be that business management, career path or home and family - means you can be left floundering in too much space and

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Lifestyle-Change Management

As Sainsbury's is the latest store to announce staffing cuts in 'back office' and HR functions, along with the other large stores, there is a lot of lifestyle change going to happen for people! Their income will change - cuts, redundancies, job hunting in a still difficult market - and that impacts families, homes, schooling and holidays to name a few. What do you do when change comes along unexpectedly?

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Work Hard and It will Happen!

Guardian Article on hard work doesn’t achieve dreams alone… And I agree.  But as a life coach I am supposed to spout the ideals that effort = achievement.  And I do believe this, but it also needs some additional ingredients. Psychologically - self esteem, self belief, positive outlook (NLP's toward mind-set or pleasure seeking principle) Practically - support, information and knowledge, awareness outside of your original background, self belief and

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