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Are you a good leader? You could be better!

Are you a leader at all, or a manager?  Do you know the difference - does it make a difference? Well it definitely makes a difference!  To you, your team, your company, your family, your life. People work well and buy from people - so team leaders matter, business owners matter. People are emotional creatures in or out of work!  There is no getting away from it - you, your

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Never mind stepping up, step back!

You hear it all the time in development tips, strategies and motivation - STEP UP! And with responsibilities you have to step up too. But what about simply ….stepping back?  Just one or maybe two steps.  Slow down.  Take a look from a distance - then you can make appropriate choices, see the wood (big picture) for the trees (details). This is part of any development or learning - to

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Reasons people come for Coaching

Coaching is the process - and a flexible process that can be adapted to help change happen in any area you choose or need to move forward in your life. That could be practical, emotional, psychological, professionally or personally, medically or wishing, hoping and dreaming that something could or should be different - will be different. Loving the work you do means happier as we spend a lot of time

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Working with your fears

Listening to Abigail Rebecca's image webinars today, with Deri Llewellyn Davies speaking, he talked about fear - feeling it, overcoming it, understanding it and therefore managing it. How I worked with my fears whilst living my dream Some of what he talked about reminded me of my fears overcome or even not acknowledged.  Whilst I was travelling, I felt safe and that was a question often posed as "Weren't you

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