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Hate niching for networking?

Titles and niches - too boxed in for my liking.   Once, I 'thought' in boxes - I put experiences, events, people and pigeon holed them if you like for convenience and reference.  I've learned so much since then!  And I know that was one thing that held me back in my personal development and performance, my influence and relationships.  It still has its effect now, years on, I guess. So

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Career Focus: Will The Taylor Report changes affect your rights?

The Taylor Report updates proposed in 2017, and no doubt affected by Brexit which already indicates European Law changes to UK choices, will affect most employees working to contract or on contract to a company if you are self-employed.  Apparently, these changes are to help UK employees and businesses work together more effectively and helpfully - mutual benefit and avoiding employees being taken advantage of by unscrupulous employers. I heard about

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Project Managing …Your Life!

This Project Management post from Taco at Trello that dropped in my inbox today says it all - and reading it, I was struck by the similarities to coaching - something I've explained coaching as before is 'project managing your life' - the objective is to achieve the outcomes you want! Using the same headings I mirror them to coaching for Career Coaching - Employed people, Coaching Business owners and

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