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Relationship Coaching Complexities

Relationships are complex! No matter who with - family, friends, colleagues, strangers, socially or professionally - they are necessarily complex because TWO sets of needs have to be met at any ONE moment, with different perspectives, experiences and expectations, and lack of awareness of the self in one or both parties too often! I hope you realise just by reading (and perhaps having to re-read!) the list in that last sentence,

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“Live a life with no regret”

This is a quote from Deri Llewellyn Davies... ...but what does that mean? What does it mean for you? For me, and perhaps you too, it suggests that when you are at the end of your life that you look back to see the things you've done and decide if you were right - or not, and also the things you didn't do, didn't try, didn't know about or didn't ...what? At

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How I use NLP in my work

NLP or Neuro-Linguistic Programming is the scientific process of thought and feeling changes - and in turn changing behaviours.  The three are linked and one influences the other two - always! NLP offers very quick, succinct processes that reach into your unconscious mind - the part of your mind that runs everything and reacts or responds according to the needs 'it' perceives.   Not that 'you' perceive because that is the

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Business Benefits of Group Coaching

Coaching provides many options to grow and develop new leaders for organisations in various sectors in the UK  across the public and private sector.  From small businesses and start-ups to international corporations, they are all adding group coaching to their development programmes.  Why? Companies see coaching as a great way to enhance and accelerate their leadership development, embracing and enhancing new talent coming into the organisation and looking ahead to

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