The benefits of asking for support when you need it

Support or help is a word that some people find ‘weak’ – well, it’s certainly not!

Asking for help is a sign of strength and awareness that you can’t do it all, on your own!   It is our natural state of community and society, how we were meant to live and work – together; to help each other, share our skills and knowledge and it is part of team work – a community.

Coaching is a ‘supportive’ process in that it is enabling you to bring out your inner ideas, beliefs and thoughts so you can use them, developing them into something effective and tangible to take your life forward.   We are each and every one of us on an upward and forward trajectory – it’s our natural tendency to strive to find our own personal state of ‘flow’.

Coaching invokes ‘the Law of Attraction’ because when you are talking about your dreams, desires and goals your mind believes it’s happening and reinforces your feelings and behaviours accordingly.  You mind is powerful enough to make things happen for you!

Like visioning each day – it increases the mind’s awareness, the body’s feelings and emotions that influence the mind and our emotional well-being increases the body/mind acceptance of this being fact!

“We are doing it; we really want and need it!   We are going to go out and find it so help me manage the action plan to get there” is the message we send to our mind/body and out into the world!

Support includes encouragement, inspiration, motivation, engagement, interaction, building new and existing relationships for mutual benefit, sharing helpful ideas – all these are tools we can use to increase our chances of actually achieving the goals we are setting for ourselves! Every day.

“Whether you do or whether you don’t, you are absolutely right”

… so who wouldn’t want and benefit from support from those around you?!

Coaching is a tool – and for that matter, counselling too – it isn’t a crutch but a useful tool  to use when you need something more – a boost (when you’ve broken your leg you get a crutch to use so you can get around – and I know from experience this was the best tool to have to get around – help to stand and cook and move the plate to eat, get to work and continue life as much as possible – just in a different way!)

Supporting others is something most people do or want to do!  Why then would you not accept any support you need or can access as added value and momentum that you will benefit from?

What is not to love about looking for and getting support?  And giving it.  Human beings will offer help if you have helped them – this reciprocal arrangements is part of building relationship rapport from friends and lovers to formal business with customers or networking!

If you are still wondering about coaching or any other support you could access then go for it – get it now!  You will surprise yourself with how much you achieve and how far you will get with this latest push to get you where you want to be.

Enjoy your life!  Love your work!  Live your dream!