Be kind to yourself today

Be kind to yourself & others today

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Positivity Blog – Be kind today

Kindness and caringI like this blog.  Always simple but effective positives to take away, actions you can take that are relatively easy but make you feel better, good, happier, healthier!

Isn’t that what we are all aiming for?

Kindness often extends to others but maybe not enough to yourself?

Be kind to yourself – or ‘gentle with yourself’ – is something I often share with clients after their first exhausting session of opening up, sharing with a stranger- and laying it all out for the world to see!  Or at least yourself to see – and that means you’ve taken it out into the world,  been honest, said it aloud and made it real!

But however hard that is, it is easier than holding on to it I promise!  And that goes for both counselling or coaching.   Both arise because you feel stuck, confused, unhappy and unsure of the next steps forward.   When better then to be kinder and gentler with someone than when they are at a low ebb, tired of carrying it all and having let it go outside and have to face up to the consequences this brings.    And who better than YOU to take care of in this situation?!

Take the heavy, harsh stick you have beaten yourself with daily for a while now, and swap it for a colourful, light and fun ‘feather duster’!   Sounds silly (so I hope it made you smile!) but you can do that for yourself (and others).   Be gentle, slow down, let go of ought to, have to and should do for a while.  Believe me there will still be plenty of them afterwards, but for now just a couple of want to’s (I want to care for myself and my family, I want to to to work to earn money for the future, and I want to eat to stay healthy, I want to rest to build strength).

It’s just reminding yourself you are worth it, you are important and ONLY you will be able to care for YOURSELF in the right way – because only you know deep down what you need.

(Counselling and coaching simply facilitate you to find out what that might be)

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